About Us

More children are diagnosed with AUTISM each year than with AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined. Yet there are many families uneducated, unexposed, and more importantly unaware of Autism. In 2013, the CDC indicated 1 child out of 68 is believed to have Autism or a related disorder; we aspire to reach and teach the families of ‘the other 67′. Autistic Love Society will collaborate with selected industrial entities to bring brand awareness, in turn, promoting Autism acceptance.  We introduce to you the ‘Autistic Love Society’.


our mission:


Our mission is to generate Autism acceptance, with action on a global scale, through brand integration, musical collaboration, and artistic liberation.  Beyond acceptance, we will take action to help those with autism on their journey towards recovery. We will make every conscious effort to support the Autism Treatment Center of America with our goal to see the day that all costs incurred by parents attending their programs are offset.


autistic love society architects:


Co-Founder, Junior Catacutan


Supervisor | US Navy Veteran | Navy Brat | Marketing & Sales in Fashion |Blessed to be inspired by Ka’eo Griffin Jr.


“After receiving a heartfelt letter, from Ka’eo Sr., requesting any financial assistance possible to attend the Son-Rise Program, I wanted to support this cause in any way possible. I attempted to find a t-shirt that would convey my support but was not satisfied with the products I came across. A couple weeks later I had an epiphany that I could use my creative abilities for the greater good in increasing Autism acceptance.”


Co-Founder, Glenn Bustos


Creative Director |Entrepreneur | Cerritos |Graphic Design Professional | Proud Father


“Although Junior & I met during a clothing industry trade show, we never had the pleasure of working together and always remained in touch in hopes that one day we would. Junior brought his idea , of increasing Autism acceptance, to my attention and within 15 minutes of showing me some rough sketches he designed our iconic logo was born. Ironically Ka’eo Sr. would later make us aware of the infamous statistic, stating every 15 minutes, a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, which brought chills to both of us.”


Executive Director, Ka’eo Griffin, Sr:


Account Executive | Hawaiian Son-Rise | Honolulu | MBA Business Administration | Proud Father of Ka’eo Jr., Koali’i, & the lovely Maraya


“Autistic Love Society has been instrumental in helping my own son get the help he needs. Never before has such a powerful brand been dedicated to autism acceptance and support. My passion runs deep for this cause and for my son. I personally believe these children and adults with autism are blessings in our lives, and God has specifically chosen us to be with them for a divine purpose. Autism is curable, and now, more than ever, there is HOPE for people with autism.”

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