And the winners are

Feb 06 2014



Congratulations to our Reach x Autistic Love Society snapback winners:


Maria Pepperworth Roark, mother of Tyler and Haley, of Anchorage, AK. She posted the following along w/our repost:


“I’m a single mom raising two amazing autistic kiddos. They are incredible! I’m also very active in raising awareness in my city and started an annual show called Anchorage Rocks For Autism.”


Elizabeth & Matt Avila, parents of Matthew and Aiyanna, of Salinas, CA. They posted the following on our FB page:


“Since we are a newly diagnosed family, and are still learning ourselves, we can only share our short story of how we come to know about Autism..Our 3 year old daughter is why we know of it she is AMAZING in every way you can imagine and recently was diagnosed with ASD. Until that day we had no idea what any of if meant and still we are in the process of coming to know all the ins and outs. We will not stop fighting for our daughter, to give her everything she needs, and we will not stop fighting to help her learn and grow. We will advocate for her and spread #autismawareness to the best of our ability! She is our WORLD and we won’t ever give up! #teamYaya“


Thank you to everyone who participated! Please continue to follow our Instagram page for future giveaways. We are very thankful for all the love and support that we’ve received from all of our followers!!!

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