Revisiting TheFuture.FM

Jul 10 2014

    As mentioned late last year, we are working on embarking on a project with TheFuture.FM and are pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of making this all happen. The concept, brought to us by their amazing team, would allow DJ’s to drop a mix-tape available for purchase on TheFuture.FM’s site to benefit our cause. If you are, or anyone you know is, a DJ and would like to support our cause please contact us at or reach out to The Future.FM team directly at
Along with the love this team has shown, we are looking forward to a photo shoot with the lovely Miss Valeska Castillo and TheFuture.FM’s very own David Nicomini. The amazing couple, as seen below, share a passion for raising Autism acceptance and have blessed us with their support. Keep checking back with us for the shoot to come…. The Autistic Love Society Team

      David Nicomini & Valeska Castillo / 15:20
   Valeska Castillo / TheFuture.FM office / 15:30

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