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Nov 09 2013

While in New York last week, Co-Founder Junior Catacutan was fortunate to meet up with the The Future.FM team and spoke with Director of Artist Relations David Nicomini. While discussing their recent move into their newly relocated offices in Chelsea, it was obvious that we share an equal level of excitement about the possibilities of raising global Autism awareness though music. The Future.FM is changing the music industry via a very creative platform for DJ’s to showcase their talents while being deservedly compensated. This is just the overhaul the industry is in need of & to learn more please visit their site




David Nicomini / The Future.FM office / 14:00


David, along with VP of Marketing Chris Nagy, have been huge supporters of Autistic Love Society from the start. David and Chris have both proposed that we collaboratively find DJ’s willing to donate a set or live performance to benefit The Autism Treatment Center of America. That would mean, for every download, the monetary denomination paid would be donated to the Ka’eo Griffin Jr. Scholarship Fund which would offset costs incurred by families attending the Son-Rise program. Naturally, all the details of this collaborative are still in progress, however it’s not difficult to realize the limitless amount of potential to make this a huge success. With that being said, if you know of a professional DJ that would be willing to contribute to our collaborative please contact us at or The Future.FM team directly at .



David Nicomini / The Future is Bright / 14:35


For David our cause hits home as his brother Danny Nicomini, who he is close to and loves very much, has Autism. From the onset he has committed his time and energy to raising awareness and has made it possible for us to collaborate on this fund raising initiative that will benefit the Autism Treatment Center of America. His positive energy and passion for the cause has helped us to realize the future is very bright for The Future.FM and Autistic Love Society Collaborative.  As we work out the details we will have a follow up interview on David and his brother Danny with more pictures to come. It is a very exciting time for us and we are thankful that our Community will be able to watch this collaborative grow and benefit everyone in the process. While raising awareness via the funds raised, DJ’s too will in turn be exposed to this rapidly growing phenomena if they haven’t already. Please check back for our follow up story to come in the near future…


Thank you,


Autistic Love Society

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