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Feb 17 2014




 Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions, based in Northern California, is the brain child of Founder Carmel Mooney. Carmel, also a special needs mother, understands the value of a service animal & how they can improve a child’s quality of life. Their site lists the many benefits of having a service dog from their ability to prevent wandering & self harm to assisting with fire safety. On their site they state the following:


Our goal is to train and partner healthy, reliable, exclusively bred, highly-trained service dogs with individuals of all ages challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities, thereby providing relief, security, and a dramatically improved quality of life to the affected individual and their families.”


 As anyone can imagine, it’s quiet costly to train these amazing animals to assist all the beautiful individuals of our Autism Community, donations go along way in helping to offset costs and are very much appreciated. If you or a loved one would like more information please visit and like their Facebook page ,or if you would like to contact them directly, contact info is listed  at www.pawsitivesolutions.org.

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